5 Tips for finding the best replacement windows

Selecting the ideal replacement home windows could be an uphill struggle, however, here are some positive pointers in order to help you with the process. Following these basic tips will help ensure your new replacement windows are exactly what you were looking for. It’s very possible that windows with failed seals or broken glass will come up on home inspections. These tips will also help customers deal with having to make replacements due to items on their home inspection report.

Think about the Location of your Home

Does it face the north, south, east or west? Does it receive direct sunlight or is it shaded by a tree or patio deck. Do you have multiple stories? Depending on where you live the type of glass you’ll want may be different. Most of the new Low-E coated glass which comes standard are good for both cold and warm weather.

Think about the design of your house

There are many different types of window frame options. You can go with wood, vinyl, aluminum and the color options available for replacement windows are too many to name. So make sure not just your window frames and glass but also the locking mechanisms, pivots, cranks, balancers and other window parts also match the overall look of y our home. If you are happy with the current frames you may save money by just having the dual pane glass replaced. If you currently have clear glass and want to move toward a Low-E glass which gives a slight green or blue tint or a tinted glass like Bronze then window glass replacement may be an option.

What kind of traffic does your home get?

If you have kids who like to tear up the house or have a lot of traffic you may be more interested in long lasting and easy to maintain windows as opposed to going for just a really nice look. Calling your local window company and going over your personal home details can help you in this process. Depending on your lifestyle and goals they will be able to suggest which specific details you may be interested in.

Choosing the right window replacement company

Depending on the type of window replacement you are looking for certain glass companies may be better equipped to handle your particular job. If you are needing just 1-3 windows repaired, just having the glass replaced then any company can offer this but you may find a better price working with a company that specializes in this type of work. A big window replacement company that does 20,000$+ jobs probably won’t be interested in changing one window or replacing one patio door whereas a smaller company might change 4-5 windows a day for home owners.

What details to have when getting your window replacement quote

If you have a small job and are looking for quotes your best bet is to get some basic details like the approximate size. You can measure the width and the height. Don’t worry about exact measurements because the glass company will do that at the time of the in home estimate and measure. If you can look closely at the glass and see if it’s clear, or if there is a slight tint to it which could be Low-E energy efficient glass (Slight green or blue tint) or Bronze (Slight brown tint). Also does your window have any interior grids that make it look like a French Window? Having these small details can ensure you get an accurate quote.

Hope these tips helped. You can find glass companies near you in our directory or give one of our nationwide partners a call.