Glass Contractor Tips to Level Up Your Shower Door

Shower Door Design Tips

There’s something that feels a little luxurious about showering with a frameless shower glass door instead of one of those plastic curtains. For one thing, you don’t have to worry about the curtain staying inside of the shower so that water doesn’t get all over your bathroom floor. For another, the clouded glass lets in far more light, making the shower area appear more spacious. You also don’t have to worry about replacing the curtain if it rips or gets moldy.

But this isn’t just about why replacing your worn-out shower curtain with a real glass door is such a good idea. This is about how to choose from all the options available to you! If you’re ready to get inspired, just stay tuned.

Frameless Shower Door Contractors

Swing Doors. This is in many cases the “standard” case for picking a new shower door. A door that swings out into your bathroom (trust us, you’ll prefer to this to having to pull the door towards you when you’re standing in the shower) makes the area seem much more private because you’re in complete control. These swinging doors are easy to operate and maintain as they don’t have any sort of complicated mechanisms.

Sliding Doors. Sliding shower doors, in our opinion, are the next step up from the classic swinging doors (not that there’s anything wrong with those!). These will help you to feel a little bit fancy as you slide them open and shut. They create the illusion of more space, as you don’t need to worry about a door taking up any space as it swings out into the bathroom or into the shower. Sliding doors are a beautiful touch to any bathroom or shower area.

Double Doors. Depending on how talented your contractor or glaziers are, as well as how much space you have in your shower area, double doors are the perfect thing to help you feel glamorous and naturally beautiful. Make a dramatic entrance into your shower – who cares! Nobody’s watching. Double doors are most practical when they swing open, but sliding double doors are also possible (again, this depends on the services that your renovating company provides).

No doors: just glass walls. Ready to feel a bit more daring? A common European bathroom style is to have no doors or curtains at all, just raised glass walls around the tub and an open space where the door or curtain would be. Many of us might feel horrified at this breach of privacy, but as long as the bathroom door locks, you have nothing to worry about. Eliminate the need to pick a type of door or to constantly update your shower curtain by just having nothing at all. Besides, the thrill of showering “out in the open” – even though you are, technically, in your own bathroom – adds a bit of excitement to an otherwise mundane activity.

What do you think – do you have a favorite? What kind of door or curtain closes off your current shower? If you were to switch, which would you take on? Share pictures of your before-and-after renovation – we’d love to see!