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Sliding Glass and Patio Door Replacement Near Me

patio door replacement

If you need to replace just the glass, it will be a lot less expensive.

For Single Unit replacements in most cases, you will need to replace just the glass. Since door glass is tempered replacements on the same day are very rare. Some standard sizes may be possible. If you want fast door repair then get the approximate size width and height of the glass area needing to be replaced. With this size glass companies will be able to get an idea if it’s a custom or standard size and give you the most accurate price and turn around information.

Many types of glass doors may need replacing. Arcadia Doors, French Doors, Sliding Doors, Pivot Doors. These are considered patio doors and are not the same thing as regular wooden entry doors. Yes they provide a nice view and modern look but being made of glass you sometimes have to deal with either broken glass or foggy glass seal failure if they are a dual pane.

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If you are trying to upgrade to a new style patio door or move from a single pane slider to a modern energy efficient Low-E Dual Pane system then here are some things to keep in mind.

Cost of New Patio Door Installation

Sliding Glass Doors

As far as cost goes, Sliding Doors or “Arcadia Doors” will be your most common and affordable. You can go with Vinyl or Aluminum Frames and find a color that matches your homes color scheme. I would say make sure you do a little research into the type of door, color and approx size you are looking for. These details will help ensure you get an accurate quote. You can call a few glass companies to get a general price but most likely you will need a Free In Home Estimate when making this type of decision.

French Doors

Next up would be French Doors. A French Door is a lightweight door made of wood, fiberglass or steel. Most have a glass panel or portion that takes up most of the area of the door. A 1 lite would be one solid piece of glass while a half lite would be half the door is glass and the other is regular door. You can have internal or external grids which will seperate the window into what looks like many small windows but is actually one solid piece. You can still find Actual French Doors with separate small panels.

If you already have a French Door and just need the glass replaced due to broken glass or other reasons then in most cases you can replace just the glass portion saving you money from having to do a whole new installation.

Folding Doors or Sliding Glass Walls

The coolest options are Bi-Folding or Sliding Glass Walls. You can get these in automated or non-automated. They really add an elegant and modern look when installed. If this is what you are looking for get some ideas together and call around to make sure that the companies you are calling are proficient in this kind of work before you schedule in-home estimates.

Patio Door Replacement parts

If you’re looking for replacement parts online for windows and doors you can checkout an online Patio door replacement parts store at They have many replacement door handles, locks, sliding door rollers, and other hard to find replacement door parts.