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Glass Company Near Me provides the best value in time and money when it comes to glass replacement services. The Glass Companies we work with can help you with any home services needed. Whether you need single pane window glass replaced or have broken patio door glass or foggy double pane windows you need repaired then you have come to the right place. We know your goal is fast service at a fair price. We pick and choose which companies would be right for you. Customer service is always the number one priority.

Which Home Glass Services are you needing?

Home Window Replacement and Repair

Whether you have broken, cracked, leaky, or foggy due to bad seals you can call a pro and get more information on what your specific job would require.

Single Pane Window Replacement

Single pane glass is found in older style homes and buildings. Residential single pane is usually 1/16 to 1/8 in thickness, also called single strength and double strength, not to be confused with “double pane”. These types of jobs can be completed on site in most cases. If it’s commercial single pane which is usually 1/4 in thickness it may take up to one business day depending on the size.

Custom Shower Doors and Mirrors

If you are remodelling your home or just upgrading the bathroom then a custom shower door may be the right choice. This type of quote is hard to give over the phone since there are so many variables. Get the approx sizes and opening type you are working with, that will help the technician give you options. Schedule a free estimate to see what can be offered. Think about if you want to go frameless to give it that elegant look.

Dual Pane Windows

If your windows are foggy or have moisture between the panes then your windows probably have seal failure. You will most likely need to replace those (Glass panels only). Most insulated units are first measured on site taking into account the glass type and color. Ordered and installed within 5-14 days depending on the details.

 Emergency Glass Services and Board Ups

Most customers using board up services are businesses who need to have their businesses secured and boarded up in order to open on time the next day while they wait for their glass replacement to be ready. Some home owners use this service as well although be prepared to pay between 200-400$ depending on the size, area and time you call for this. Service at 2am requires prices that reflect that. So if you are on a budget best to secure your broken window with cardboard or tape while you wait for the replacement glass.

Glass table tops and shelves

For home and office you can get custom glass made to  your specifications. Tempered or annealed, thicknesses from 1/4″ up to 1″ are common. Custom edgework including polishing, bevels can be done as well.

 Window Tinting

Window film tint can be used in many applications for privacy, security, decorative and sunlight and energy efficiency. By using window tint you can protect your interior carpets and floors from the sun.

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