When to replace commercial storefront glass

Tips for commercial glass replacement

If you have ever consulted an architect, you would know that they
mostly recommend a storefront made of glass because it adds elegance and
beauty to the store. When people think about commercial storefront glass, they
usually assume it is explicit and durable material. There are many different types
of commercial storefront glass, and each one has its own set of advantages and
disadvantages, and you have to replace them after a certain period. You will
need to balance the cost with the benefits to decide when it is time for storefront
glass replacement.
What can go wrong with Storefront glass replacement?
The most common window pane in a commercial setting is storefront glass. It
can last decades if it’s installed professionally and with proper maintenance, but
many other factors come into play that limits its lifespan – including 

  • Damage from natural disasters (such as hurricanes) 
  • Glass breaks easily during earthquakes and other ground tremors 
    -Insufficient U factor or lack of thermal efficiency
  • The effects of climate change can include extreme temperature changes that
    will shatter windows
    -Faulty installation or use of inferior quality construction materials such- has an
    impact on window stability and durability;
    -Insufficient maintenance of windows and storefront frame.

When to replace the commercial glass?

commercial windows

It is typically time to replace your store’s storefront glass when it has gone
beyond providing a protective barrier and become an eyesore. You may also
want to replace your commercial storefront glass if you’ve noticed the window
frames or doorframes are damaged or if there are any cracks in the window itself.
Whether you’re noticing water damage around the edges of the window or
excessive condensation on the inside of the glass, these are signs that need
attention immediately since they can lead to rot and mold growth. It is essential
for aesthetic purposes and safety reasons that all commercial storefronts have
working windows and doors installed.

What are the signs exactly?

What’s the best time to replace commercial storefront glass? To help you figure it
out, we’ve compiled a list of signs that indicate when it might be time to replace
your glass. 
-The exterior window frame is rotting away from lack of maintenance 
-The glass has chips and cracks in it from errant projectiles or natural disasters
like hail storms.
-You notice an increase in the number of cold drafts coming through the windows
during the winter months.
-Your business doesn’t have any energy-efficient features like solar panels or
insulation, making them more susceptible to temperature changes outside on
colder days (and hotter days).
-You notice an increase in condensation on the inside of the glass and stains
around the edges.
-There are leaks or water damage where windows meet the frames or entryways.
If you can identify with any of these signs, it may be time to call a glass
installation company like Valleywide Glass for commercial storefront glass
installation or repair.

Final thoughts on commercial replacement

Making the right decision about when to replace your commercial glass is not an
easy one. With so many factors influencing the lifespan of different types of
glass, it’s hard to know what will work best for you and your business. We hope
that this article has helped clarify some points and given you a few things to think
about as you decide how long to keep using certain pieces in your restaurant or
One thing we can say definitively is that investing in high-quality sheet metal
framing from the beginning will save you money down the line by increasing
durability and reducing repair costs over time.
If there are still unanswered questions, feel free to get in touch with us!